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This website is home to Supreme Hellounds and subgroups.
The site will also be used to test various codes. so errors may occur.

What is Supreme Hellhounds?

Supreme Hellhounds, started as a Danish gamer group and since became an English gamer group.
We play all kind of games, rate them and add them to the site.
The group started in Battlefield and have been going on since.
Right now we dont have any teams, but that might come later on.

Latest News
New design and now in English..
28-06-2019 - 21:08 - By Mrcoffee

Finally I got to push out this new site :)
Took about 1 year more than I expected, had so much other stuff going on :)

Feedback is always nice, even the bad feedback ;D
I hope this will be more used and liked than my sites before :)

This is only the base of the new stuff, a lot of it is still in work, but so far, the site is working :)

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Latest Blog post
2 new pages being worked on..
28-06-2019 - 21:11 - Website - By Mrcoffee

This page will show project that any of the members are working on at the moment.

This page will show all the teams we make in the games, so this will be used to show which teams and games we have a team ready for a team-war..

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